What To Expect

What to Expect

Step 1: Book appointment

When booking an appointment, either here online, on the phone, or in the office, you will receive a practice member application that will be filled out and returned to us. If you book online, you can fill it out online and send it back to us, or if you prefer, you can also fill it out electronically when you come in for your first visit.

Step 2: Get to know you

After we receive the application, the doctor will go over some of it with you. At Breezy Chiropractic, we are seeking complete health. Therefore, you may be asked questions beyond those regarding your main complaint. The body functions as one whole complete system, so Dr. Brianna will be looking at everything. 

Step 3: Adjustment

Once completed with your history, Dr. Brianna will be performing orthopedic and neurologic evaluations that are relevant to your specific case to gain a further understanding of what is taking place. With complete understanding of each individual case, she will be able to help you understand your current state, give recommendations to help, and allow you to join and get started to a healthier, better life.

*On rare occasion, if any red flags are present, you may be referred for x-rays or MRI.


Dr Brianna is great. She is very knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable. Her gentle approach has your feeling great when you leave. After a few weeks my neck pain is mostly gone and I just feel better overall. I have started to bring my daughter for adjustments as well. I am a huge fan and so happy I made the decision to call.

— Natalie K.

Dr. Brianna is awesome. I started seeing her December of 2019 and have nothing but good things to say. Now my husband and 4 year old son see her as well – her family plans are so worth it. I have felt a difference in back pain for sure and just know that the proper chiropractic care is an essential part of natural wellness, which is the core of how we live our lives. I always enjoy my visits and catching up with Dr. Brianna because she a like minded individual who is simply good hearted and down to earth. And she will do her best to share resources and products that could help you even more. I highly recommend her!!

— Melissa A.