Chiropractic and mood

While many people often choose to visit a Chiropractor for physical health issues, regular adjustments can also improve mental and emotional health.  Adjustments address the body through the nervous system, which is in control of EVERYTHING, even how we think and feel.

In a study of 2,818 patients under Chiropractic care, 76% reported improvements in their mental and emotional states.  All of them reported a decrease in stress, and an increase in general life enjoyment in the months during and following Chiropractic care.  Not only can chronic pain affect feelings of happiness and freedom in life, but adjustments measurably increase blood flow, contributing to an increase in energy and thus, mood boosts.

Furthermore, case studies have shown those diagnosed with anxiety and depression found that 100 percent of participants reported a “significant decrease in depressive symptom ratings” and a “significant decrease in anxiety.” This research was published in the Journal of Upper Cervical Research

While medications for anxiety and depression target brain chemistry, it is possible you may find that a series of adjustments focused on mood improvement may be a natural, drugless way for you to find the mental clarity and relief you need. 

In optimal health and happiness,

Dr. Brianna Salvia