3 ways to fight an ear infection naturally

As a child who suffered from chronic ear infections, this information is invaluable! Common treatment is antibiotics, and boy, did I take my fair share of those. Antibiotics are great when necessary. But, when not necessary, they can contribute to all kinds of health issues, including depression and anxiety. That’s why I LOVE sharing thisContinue reading “3 ways to fight an ear infection naturally”

The benefits of rest and tips on unplugging in today’s world

Ever feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or like you just don’t have enough time for your daily tasks, or that never-ending to-do list? I know I do! What may be even more challenging is prioritizing and maintaining your best health and well-being. I know the struggle is real. I am not denying that, but scheduling time toContinue reading “The benefits of rest and tips on unplugging in today’s world”

5 Immune Boosting Tips

My Favorite Ways to keep my immune system thriving! As a Chiropractor and seeker of all health and wellness information, I have spent HOURS studying human physiology.  At the basis of human physiology, we know that the nervous system controls every cell, organ, and tissue in your body.  We also know that your nervous systemContinue reading “5 Immune Boosting Tips”