Benefits of the AM sunshine

It’s no secret that our bodies thrive when we take care of them, and similar to when we eat well and and move our bodies, sunlight can work comparable wonders. 

We are biologically wired to sync up with the sun. Our bodies produce more melatonin when the sun goes down to help us sleep and then produces less when the sun comes up. 

Why is Morning Sunlight is So Beneficial?

The ideal time to grab sunlight is between 8-10 am. Both UV and infrared rays are plentiful and balanced in amounts in the AM. Infrared rays help enhance the absorption of UV rays in a healthy way—as opposed to one being stronger than the other and resulting in sunburn. The healthy combination helps to lower inflammation in the body.  (3)

Another bonus of the morning sunlight is that it helps to balance your circadian rhythm, which is how your body regulates when to go to sleep and when to wake up- ideally having your peak energy in the mornings and die down into the evening. As I’ve spoken on before, sleep is #1 to living a healthy and balanced life (even over nutrition in my personal research and opinion!). Getting proper and adequate sleep helps to boost metabolism, helping shed those extra pounds and to help make better decisions throughout the day (4). You can’t make good decisions in life with a half awake brain!

Lastly, the morning sunlight has a profound influence on our endocrine system. When we think of sunshine, we think happiness and there’s a reason behind that. Exposure to healthy amounts of Vitamin D helps to regulate moods! So starting your morning off with a little sunshine can help kick start your day in a healthy AND happy way!  (1)

In health and happiness,

Dr. B


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